Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

How to Clean a Swimming Pool The Right Way If you are the proud owner of a beautiful and well laid out swimming pool in your backyard, you could be prouder if it is sparkling clean and healthy in use. You could construct a swimming pool but if it is dirty,

Balabushka Pool Cue Reviews

Balabushka Pool Cue Reviews The name “Balabushka” became synonymous with Pool Cues when George Balabushka made his first cue but that momentous moment stayed under the Irish Linen wrap that he introduced which is a standard today in the industry. The Russian immigrant, George Balabushka who landed at Ellis Island in 1924, when he was

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Best Pool Cue Brand

What is the Best Pool Cue Brand For Money The best Pool Cue brand for me would depend on how comfortable it would be when playing with me and in the alternative whether I would be pleased with it. It is two-way traffic, and as much as I would like it, the Pool Cue

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What is a Good Weight for a Pool Cue

What is a good weight for a Pool Cue? Pool Cues have different weights and similar to determining the lengths, weights too have been decided on and made after many trials coupled especially with professional inputs. Selecting what best weight could be for us, would mainly depend on our personal preferences but a heavier Pool

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