What is the Standard Weight of a Pool Cue?

What is the standard weight of a pool cue? The Pool Cue is all that remains between a player and the Cue Ball on the baize topped Pool table, and it is the primary strike weapon employed to get the Pool balls into the Pool table pockets. Selecting the appropriate Pool Cue, which would

How to Choose a Pool Cue

How to Choose a Pool Cue The word “POOL” is used to identify many things but when we use it in conjunction with the word “CUE.” We know what the two together refers to, which is a game played on a Pool Table with six pockets, one each at the four corners and two

How to choose a Pool Cue length

How to choose a Pool Cue length? Pool Cues that are made available at community halls, clubs and such places where Pool tables are meant for the use of the public would have the standard Pool cues within the average lengths available. Playing without a specific length preference would be conducive to a good

Best Pool Cue Brand

What is the Best Pool Cue Brand For Money The best Pool Cue brand for me would depend on how comfortable it would be when playing with me and in the alternative whether I would be pleased with it. It is two-way traffic, and as much as I would like it, the Pool Cue

What is a Good Weight for a Pool Cue

What is a good weight for a Pool Cue? Pool Cues have different weights and similar to determining the lengths, weights too have been decided on and made after many trials coupled especially with professional inputs. Selecting what best weight could be for us, would mainly depend on our personal preferences but a heavier

Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cue

Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cues Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cue to Win the Game A George Balabushka Pool Cue handcrafted, by the legend himself before his untimely death in 1975, was sold by another considered the best Pool player of all time Luther “Wimpy” Lassiter for an astonishing US $ 45,000 in

Can You Use a Pool Cue for Snooker

Can you use a Pool Cue for snooker? It may be difficult and is not used so, and for one thing, the Snooker ball is smaller compared to the Pool ball and hence lighter. The other factor is that the Snooker ball is 52.4 mm in diameter while the Pool ball is 57 mm

Cleaning Your Swimming Pool

How to Clean a Swimming Pool The Right Way If you are the proud owner of a beautiful and well laid out swimming pool in your backyard, you could be prouder if it is sparkling clean and healthy in use. You could construct a swimming pool but if it is dirty,

Best pool cue brands

How To Choose Best Pool Cues Pool enthusiasts like us would look for the best when we want to buy a Pool Cue to exhibit our playing prowess at the Pool Table and what better way to do it than having one of the Best Pool Cues in our hands. To help us to help

What is the best size for a Pool Cue

What is the best size for a Pool Cue? After much research over the years, all or most of the Pool Cue manufacturers have set their eyes on a standard of 13 mm in diameter for the tip size, but this could vary with individual preferences. If we are comfortable with it, then we

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