Why are Pool table Green

Why Are Pool Tables Green?  The color green has been associated with swimming pools for ages. Early pool tables were often made of wood and covered in green linen to make them easier to see in dimly lit taverns and pubs. Even when pool tables were made from slate, green felt was

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Are lighter cues better

Are lighter cues better? When it comes to choosing a pool cue, some players believe that lighter cues are better. However, there is no definitive answer as to whether lighter cues are actually better. It ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some players find that lighter cues provide more control and accuracy, while others find

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Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cue

Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cues Most Expensive Balabushka Pool Cue to Win the Game A George Balabushka Pool Cue handcrafted, by the legend himself before his untimely death in 1975, was sold by another considered the best Pool player of all time Luther “Wimpy” Lassiter for an astonishing US $ 45,000 in

Balabushka Pool Cue Reviews

Balabushka Pool Cue Reviews The name “Balabushka” became synonymous with Pool Cues when George Balabushka made his first cue but that momentous moment stayed under the Irish Linen wrap that he introduced which is a standard today in the industry. The Russian immigrant, George Balabushka who landed at Ellis Island in 1924, when he

Best pool cue brands

What are the Best Pool Cue Brands Pool enthusiasts like us would look for the best when we want to buy a Pool Cue to exhibit our playing prowess at the Pool Table and what better way to do it than having one of the Best Pool Cues in our hands. To help us to

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