Inground Swimming Pool Types, Cost & Pricing Guide

If it is mentioned that it was in the Province of Sindh in modern day Pakistan that the first “swimming pool” was constructed as historical records show, it is surely going to tickle anybody’s imagination. Dating back to the 3rd millennium BC the “Great Bath” as it is called was the center piece of the Great Indus Valley civilization. The site where the much spoken of Mohenjo-Daro was located archaeologists excavated a 12 meters by 7 meters swimming pool used by the inhabitants of that era. The pool was exquisitely built by special type of bricks and sealed up with a tar based specially formulated sealant to ensure water remained without being absorbed.

If Mohenjo-Daro had the largest swimming pool, the small island nation of Sri Lanka hanging at the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent as history records built smaller swimming pools called “Kuttam Pokunas” as far back as the 4th millennium BC. They are still to be seen in the ancient capital city of Anuradhapura in the north central region of that country.

In the modern day the construction of swimming pools especially the in-ground designed has stepped up into a new dimension. A swimming pool in the backyard of a home exuded a status symbol a few years ago but that changed with the proliferation of the easily constructed above ground swimming pools. The in-ground pools still retain its special place in society, with an Olympic sized swimming pool being the icing on the cake of all swimming pools. It may be mind boggling to note that in the United States there are nearly 310,000 public swimming pools and a staggering 10.5 million private or residential ones in the country. For a country with a population of 330 million people that is quite an irresistible figure to contemplate.

Different Types of In-ground Pools

The advancement in construction design engineering especially in the in-ground pool industry has brought about a lavish divergence in the construction of pools. Unlike the perennial square shaped in-ground swimming pools we see different designs with artistic inputs creating a special ambience wherever they are constructed. The materials used in the construction of in-ground pools have also diversified and costs incurred in constructing one being vastly reduced. There is continuous Research and Development (R&D) in that sphere being conducted to get the right mix and bring out an in-ground pool which would cost much less than what is being spent on one today.

Without an iota of doubt there has been a substantial reduction in the construction of in-ground pools compared to what it cost a few years back. This is due to the construction materials used and the improvement in technology which has made even an in-ground swimming pool affordable to many. Maintenance of an in-ground pool could be dearer than the above ground pool but the aesthetics of an in-ground pool is still hard to beat.

Concrete with Plaster or Aggregate Finishes

Concrete which is a mix made of cement, sand and other materials is still extensively used in the construction of in-ground pools which is quite a tedious construction process. Once the concrete structure is laid into the ground the walls are plastered with a mixture cement and sand and then overlay it with different finishes of which ceramic or porcelain tiles are quite popular. The laying and finishing of these tiles brings about a very classy and polished finish which also prevents water from seeping through and causing damage to the construction over time.

The use of ceramic or porcelain tiles on the walls and floor of the swimming pool enables easy cleaning whilst also adding beauty and finesse to the in-ground pool. A tinge of imagination and creativity could transform an in-ground pool into a work of art by arranging the wall and floor tiles in an artistic design which exude impeccable ambience to the pool and the environs. Swimming pools constructed from concrete, plaster and tiles tend to last a long time and if the construction is executed to high standards there is no doubt that it would last many a lifetime.     


Fiberglass is a very affordable option to many and once placed on the ground it is quite difficult to differentiate it with concrete unless you get up close and inspect it. Fiberglass has the ability to be shaped into any design which is the advantage it is bestowed with and has brought it forth as a material to be used in the swimming pool construction industry. The use of fiberglass which could also take on any color has provided a wide and varied opportunity to swimming contractors to ensure wide acceptance of its design abilities.

Fiberglass costs less than concrete and requires lesser finishes because it is one application which has the ability to complete the finesse needed with the same material without seeking out any additional finishes. The other advantage with fiberglass is its malleable nature which enables artistic creations with the least efforts. Another major advantage with fiberglass is that it could be repaired without much of a hassle unlike concrete which is quite a task depending on the type of repair needed. Even a major damage caused to fiberglass whether it is a swimming pool or any other the repair would cost less than concrete and could also be accomplished in quicker time.        


Vinyl is another very easily malleable material which is not as strong and sturdy as concrete or fiberglass in usage. Vinyl is generally soft and flexible but could be manufactured with a few chemical changes to be hard and strong. Using Vinyl as an option in the construction of swimming pools is a new phenomenon which is the culmination of a wide range of studies, research and development that has taken many years in the making. Vinyl is easy to work with and using it in the construction of in-ground pools is a very good option which would revolutionize the industry and also greatly proliferate, the construction of pools.

The entry of vinyl into the construction of swimming pools is a very welcome move and has given the opportunity to all those who are on either side of the equation to take full advantage of what has been offered. Unlike concrete and fiberglass, vinyl may not withstand the vagaries of Nature. Hence before you would decide on your choice it would be prudent to quantify and juggle every possible construction material and technology available. It is in your best interests to have before you every tit bit of information before you plunge yourself into the construction of a swimming pool in your backyard or elsewhere. A swimming pool in your garden is not a luxury or a status symbol anymore it is an integral part of a family’s recreational facilities and a place to have some much needed fun and frolic.

In-ground Pools Cost & Pricing Guide

It is imperative that you always cut your cloth according to the size of your coat and that principle is true when you contemplate of constructing an in-ground swimming pool too. You need to plan out as precisely as possible as to what design, size, depths and other auxiliary requirements you would contemplate to have in your pool. These characteristics are sure to either enhance or reduce the cost of your in-ground pool. Once you have decided on these three main criteria and others you could be making the initial plans and working out the overall cost of constructing the swimming pool that you have always dreamed about.

To construct and complete a standard in-ground pool up to its finished stage you would be poorer by anything between US $ 35,000/= and 64,000/=. If you are to take it as a country average it is about US $ 50,000/=. If you are to add fountains and other design concepts into your pool it would further enhance the cost of construction. The value of your pool and along with it your house is sure to enhance because most home owners look for homes with a pool. Whatever you may decide on and the final design concept of your pool it is important that you build the best in-ground pool. Towards that endeavor it is imperative that you channel all your available resources and ensure you construct the best pool in the neighborhood. The costs could vary quite comparatively between concrete, fiberglass and vinyl. The location where you construct the in-ground pool too would play a very crucial role in the long term too. Being ready for any eventuality in the construction of your in-ground swimming pool is another issue to seriously consider.

If you have the finances it would be your prerogative to do as you please and construct the best in-ground to meet your aspirations. The cost of construction could fluctuate quite evidently between the uses of concrete, fiberglass or vinyl hence deciding on which of the three materials that you would use is important. Whatever it would be it is important that you have a clear mind as to the exact requirements that you have in mind. It is only when you could decide on the most appropriate could you construct an in-ground pool just as you would always want it to be.

Things to Consider In-ground Pools Cost

Initial cost of construction in each of the materials that could be used in the construction of the pool should be taken into serious consideration. The other is the design which you have always kept in mind which is now the time to create it. The location in your garden or elsewhere where you like to have your in-ground pool is also very exciting since it would add to the overall ambience of the environs. Your swimming pool is sure to attract many envious eyes and that is why we have very artistic designs. Considering the maintenance cost and whether it is affordable and what you would have to spend on a long term to ensure its upkeep is also quite something to think about.

The size of the in-ground pool depends on what you need and what your basic requirements are. It would be this prudent decision which will directly related to the cost of the pool. The finishes that you need to place on the in-ground pool surfaces too would ascertain your cost of construction. Match all your requirements with the availability of your finances if you do so you will have the best pool and be the envy of everyone.

Fiberglass, Concrete, and Vinyl Liner Cost Comparison

Among the three materials that are popularly used in the construction of in-ground pools without much of a doubt it is the vinyl constructed pool which costs the least. A vinyl pool costs anything between US $ 25k and 50k to build one up from the start. This could be considered the cheapest among the three.

A fiberglass in-ground swimming pool could cost anything between US $ 35k and 65k. They are easy to maintain but vulnerable to damage and needs to be cared for. The introduction of vinyl gave prospective new pool owners a wider choice in their selection procedure and to choose the best they could. Fiberglass has many advantages and with its attractive price factor is soon becoming the choice of many.

Concrete as expected is the most expensive to construct at about US $ 35k to 100k which could also cause a dent in anyone’s wallet but still in some instances it is the best option. It may be difficult to construct a large in-ground pool with concrete but when that is the option there is no better choice as they are the best pool construction unlike others. Every choice is good if there are ample options to choose from. Large pools would need stronger walls and also strength and stability to ensure it stands the test of time. Concrete in-ground pools are what every Olympic swimming pool is made of and if you want to be elevated then concrete would be yours.

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