Pool pumps come in different shapes and sizes. But their basic is the same: to filter and circulate swimming pool water. Medical Daily explains here the health risks of dirty public swimming pools, and if you don’t have the best In ground pool pumps, the same thing could happen to your pool.

Finding the right In Ground pool pump from the thousands online is time consuming. To help you out,  Read on after to check out our buying guide In ground pool pumps.

The in-ground pool pump you intend to purchase needs to be matched and married perfectly with your pool’s water filtration system. The misconception that a bigger and more powerful in-ground pool pump is better than an inadequately powered one may not be the best and conducive way to proceed in the matter. Sure a lesser powerful or inadequate in-ground pool pump may not be the right decision to make but on the contrary it would be futile to install a very powerful one too. A very powerful in-ground pool pump that is installed will over exert your filtration system and doing so day and day out could place the system under unnecessary mechanical stress. Hence it is imperative that you install the most appropriate in-ground pool pump, which matches your existing filtration system if you are to have trouble free service for a longer period of time.

The nitty-gritty aspects of how you would get about choosing the perfect match is what we would like to discuss here and help you through it so that you spend right and buy right without having to regret later. A big powerful in-ground pool pump will only enhance your energy bills and be an unnecessary drain in your wallet whilst doing nothing more than that. If you select the in-ground pool pump which matches your filtration system it would operate efficiently and also ensure you don’t spend on your energy bills for no valid reason at all. Hence prudently selecting the most appropriate in-ground pool pump is your prerogative and if you do so it is without an iota of doubt going to serve you with utmost and gracious efficiency for a very long time.

The thumb rule to follow before you buy an in-ground pool pump is to be apprised that it will be able to filter the total capacity of your water in the pool within an eight hour period. Hence selecting the right in-ground pool pump to achieve that goal would be your best bet if you are to enjoy optimum efficiency and long term usage.

To select the right pump it would be prudent to obtain the maximum information about your pool because without it you may not be able to proceed further. We take you step by step through the process after which you could buy the right in-ground pool pump and enjoy optimum efficiency in filtering and cleaning up your in-ground pool.

Take the measurements of your in-ground pool to determine the quantity of water that it holds in gallons. This would apprise you on the size and power of the in-ground pool pump that you would need to install. Follow the steps we have given below.

The average depth needs to be calculated for which the depth at the shallow end plus the depth at the deep end needs to be added and divided by two. Check out given below the length and breadth of the in-ground pool if it is rectangular, round, oval or an odd kidney shaped so that you could calculate the quantum of water in it.

The following steps could be followed to ensure you correctly determine the quantity of water in any in-ground pool of any shape so that you could easily buy the right in-ground pool pump for your pool.

  • Step 1

Rectangular Swimming Pool

Check out the average depth by measuring the depth at the shallow end (A) and adding it with the depth at the deep end (B) and dividing that by 2. Example: A+B divide by 2 = C.

Next measure the length (D) and the breadth (E) of the rectangular pool. Multiplying D x E x C = (F). The amount (F) will be the cubic capacity or volume of the in-ground pool. Multiplying (F) x 7.5 (gallons per cubic foot) will give you the total gallons of water in the rectangular pool.

  • Step 2

Round swimming Pool

If you have a round shaped pool here too you would need to calculate the average depth. The exercise is similar to a rectangle where you measure the deepest end (G) and the shallow end (H) and divide it by 2, you end up with “I”.

Then measure the diameter (J) and the volume in cubic feet with the quantity of water in it is as follows: The formula for a round swimming pool is – J x J x I x 5.9 = (K). The amount (K) is the total quantum of water in gallons in the round pool.

  • Step 3

Oval swimming Pool

Calculate the average depth, similar to the rectangular and round pools by measuring the depth at the shallow end (L) and the deep end (M) adding them together and dividing by 2, you end up with “N”.

Then measure the longest length (O) and widest length (P) of the oval pool. The formula to determine total quantum of water in the oval pool is as follows: O x P x N x 6.7 = (Q). The amount (Q) is the total quantum of water in gallons in the oval pool.

  • Step 4

 Kidney Shaped Swimming Pool

To determine the average depth the same procedure as in a rectangular, round and oval pool needs to be carried out. Measure the depth at the deep end (R), and the depth at the shallow end (S), add the two and then divide by 2, and you end up with “T”.

There are two widths in a kidney shaped swimming pool. Measure the shortest width (U) and the longest width (V) and add both (W). Next measure the longest length of the kidney shaped pool (Y). The formula to determine the quantum of water in the kidney shaped swimming pool is as follows; W x Y x T x 3.38 = (Z). The amount (Z) is the total quantum of water in your kidney shaped swimming pool.

  • Step 5

After you have the quantum of water in gallons in either your rectangular, round, oval or kidney shaped pool divide that by 8 which will provide you the quantum of water you need to pass through the in-ground pool pump in one hour or GPH or (Gallons per Hour) to clean up all the water in eight hours.

  • Step 6

As a standard in the pool equipment manufacturing industry in-ground pool pumps or any other pool pump is determined and expressed in gallons per minute or GPM. To convert the information that you have in GPH divide this quantity by 60 minutes for an hour and you will have the quantity of water to be pumped by the in-ground pool pump in a minute.

  • Step 7

The next task is to calculate the “Feet of Head” for which the GPM will be helpful But there is some anomalies in this calculation hence looking it up on the internet for a more detailed expression would be advisable. There are few blogs on this which would be helpful to you.

A more modern method is under review to determine the “Feet of Head” accurately and hence this step would be better advised if you could look at the blogs.

  • Step 8

In-ground pool pump manufacturers provide the required information pertaining to the Horsepower (HP) that is needed to match with the GPM and the Foot of Head calculated by you for your swimming pool whatever shape it would be. Matching the information provided by the manufacturer and your calculated requirements it is easy to procure the perfect in-ground pool pump for your pool. To do this exercise if you have any doubts it would be advisable to seek some advice from some technical source.

  • Step 9

All in-ground pool pump manufacturers especially the ones with a indelible reputation to uphold have ample information on the product information booklet and in their online websites. Leading names in the pool equipment manufacturing industry such as Century, Hayward and Pentair are geared to provide optimum information on this if you are to seek out.

  • Step 10

The performance of the in-ground pool pump is directly related to the pool filter. If the pool filter does not pass the water that is pumped by the pool pump efficiently due to it being of a smaller capacity then there would be an unnecessary strain caused on the pool pump. This is because the water that is pumped is restricted at the pool filter. The continuous strain derived could drop the efficiency of the in-ground pool pump and over time cause it to burn out. Hence it is imperative that whatever water that is pumped by the in-ground pool pump should be easily allowed to flow through the filter.

To ensure this does not happen once you know the pool filter capacity required enhance it by about 10% to 15% to ensure the water free flows from the in-ground pool pump through the pool filter and into the pool. This will ensure that optimum efficiency is maintained at all times.

  • Step 11

It is better advised to ensure that you have all the information required before you would decide on the appropriate in-ground pool pump. The above calculations and points of discussion are for typical swimming pools but these calculations could change when it is spas, fountains, waterfalls and other artistic creations are concerned. Hence it would be prudent to gather all the information possible and then make your decision.

Whatever the case may be it is imperative that you match your pool filtration equipment to deliver optimum efficiency because installing anything less or even more in capacity and operational performance would not be a conducive way to address it.  


  • Century

Century is a brand with a reputation to uphold and they have been one of the leading contenders in the pool equipment industry for many years. The extensive Research and Development (R&D) that Century undertakes has been their forte and inherent ability to bring innovative pool products to their discerning customers. They market a wide range of pool pumps and without an iota of doubt there is one for any application that any of their loyal customers will need. They have built an impeccable reputation for innovative products, reliability in performance and superlative after sales service. They boast of a universal presence and have been providing exemplary service the world over. If it a top product that you want to ensure your pool is operational at optimum efficiency then it is a Century product you should be choosing. Century has a product for every application and at very affordable prices too. The name of Century has been around for a very long time and with its universal appeal they are just what you could buy to ensure optimum and superlative operation at its best.

  • Hayward

Hayward has been innovating and providing pool equipment for the last eight decades and has built a reputation for introducing innovative products which have provided their customers with trouble free operation over the years. The wide range of products in their portfolio ensures that there is a product for any pool related application. They have been spending millions of dollars in Research and Development (R&D) which been the main reason for them being in the forefront of the pool equipment industry. Purchasing a Hayward product would ensure years of satisfied and exemplary operation which is backed by their 80 year experience and expertise. Supported by a team of dedicated and experienced personnel Hayward has always taken technology into a new dimension. Their focused attention to detail to ensure every product that rolls out of their manufacturing facilities meet their stringent standards, has made them the first choice for many pool products which is the envy of their competitors.

  • Pentair

The pool equipment industry would have a void if Pentair was not part of this competitive fraternity because what they have brought forth has inspired others to better their performance in every way. Pentair is a world phenomenon and has been innovating new products to keep in line with their customer’s aspirations. Boasting of a very long history in the industry with many firsts tucked under their arms the innovations that they have brought forth have been leaders in the respective fields. For pool pumps to all other pool filtration auxiliary products they have been perennially leading from the front. If it is top quality pool products you would be contemplating then there is none other than a Pentair which will meet your needs. Pentair has never slacked in their commitment to ensure they bring a smile on everyone who would use a product from their impressive lineup. The warranties extended by Pentair keeps them always ahead of their competition and which has been their forte over the many years they have been providing quality products to their discerning customers.


Your in-ground pool pump is the heart of your pool filtration system and it controls every aspect and ensures they all work in unison and at optimum efficiency. To achieve such a high level of efficiency your in-ground pool pump should be a cut above the rest and fit like a hand in a glove with all the other auxiliary equipment. It is only then that you could ensure the water in your in-ground pool will be clear, clean and healthy at all times. Maintaining such a high standard of efficiency is possible only if your in-ground pool pump meets all the requirements whilst matching a marrying perfectly with the water filtration system that you have installed in your pool.

To ensure you have the perfect match we list some of the tips which could help you to operate an exemplary pool water filtration system.

  • Ensure that your in-ground pool pump, filter, plumbing and every other equipment and fittings are selected carefully to meet the highest standards of efficiency. Most filtration systems either use low capacity pool pumps or even high capacity pumps. This should be avoided and only the most appropriate that matches the requirements should be installed.
  • In-ground pool pumps of the right horsepower should be installed and to do so the right sizing of the equipment must be calculated.
  • In-ground pool pumps should be operating at the optimum levels but not at maximum levels. This means that having a pump that is too strained would not be advised whilst one that is low on performance too is not advisable.
  • Select the in-ground pool pump which would need the least energy because the consumption of electricity is today a much talked about subject in every forum. Paying high energy bills is not a very conducive way to operate your pool filtration system.
  • Your Return on Investment (ROI) on the in-ground pool pump should be within accepted international standards as it would be not advisable to burn up your energy bills when you don’t have to and could avoid it.

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