Few Types of Commonly Played Billiard Games

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Billiard players take part in few kinds of widely played billiard games which we will discuss deeply throughout this article. All these games are played on a large table which has pockets and colored billiard balls that are numbered from one to fifteen and a cue ball. A cue stick is used to play the game, and the ultimate aim is to pocket a certain number of balls and sometimes in order.

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Eight Ball

Eightball uses fifteen balls and a cue ball. To win the game, a player needs to pocket the all the eight balls but after potting all the seven balls of solids or stripes. When you rack the balls, you need to place eight balls on the center of the table, a stripe at one back corner, one solid on the other back corner and the all the other remaining balls in any way.

Nine Ball

Nine ball uses the balls from one to nine and a cue ball. The ultimate aim is to sink the nine-ball. Legal shots would make the cue ball to touch the minimum numbered balls at first on the table. However, it is not necessary to pocket it to continue your turn. In Nine ball, it places the balls in a diamond shape, sets one ball at the front and the nine ball at the center of the diamond. It is set at the front of the rack.

One Pocket

One pocket uses fifteen balls. To win the One-pocket, you need to pot eight balls into one pocket of the table. At the beginning of the game, the players select the pocket which they will pot the ball. In case, if a player accidentally pots a ball into an opposing player’s pocket, it counts for the opponent player. All the balls that they pocket into not aimed pockets are replaced back on the table

Straight shot

A straight shot is one of the oldest game out of the few types of commonly played billiard games. Here you earn points by choosing which ball will go into which pocket of the table and then you go for the shot. You get one point for each of your successful shots. After all the fourteen balls are pot into the pockets, they are re-racked once again as the players need to go for a high number of points to win the game. The player pockets the fifteenth ball in a way that the re-racked balls are not disturbed. The very first person who scores hundred and fifty points win the game.


The game Cutthroat is also known as Elimination. It needs only three players to complete the games. Each of these three players tries to win the game by potting the balls of the two opposing players. The games use fifteen balls, and they are divided to into three groups as the balls from one to five, six to ten and eleven to fifteen. Players can even choose a group of balls before the game begins. Each single player pots the ball in turn and they remain at the table till they make a miss. In case if a player mistakenly pots the cue ball, at that time each of the opponent players gets a chance to place one of his balls on the table. If a player does not have any of his balls remaining on the table, he misses his turn and has to stay for a moment where the opponent pockets the cue ball. Even the player can pocket his ball to keep on shooting.