Rules of Pool Game

Essential Tips to Improve Your Pool Game

The pool is famous around the world, and millions of people tend to enjoy playing it. There are many varieties of pool game which comes with different rules and regulations. So far, eight balls and nine-ball pool are more popular among people than the rest. Both of these games need a standard size table with the regular six pockets. However, you can find eight-ball pool in most of the places; it is the commonly played one and the first thing that comes to the mind when the word pool is said.

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People play eight balls as singles or doubles using sixteen balls, which consists of fifteen object balls and a cue ball. The pool is a high-speed game when comparing to the other alternative games; the players need tactical thinking and concentration to play a successful game.

Object of the pool game

The main of the game is to pocket all the balls both stripes and solids and then pocket the eighth ball to win the game. Players need to use their technical skills into an attack, play safely and win the game.


There are no scores in the pool game as both the players only attempt to pot their allocated object balls and pocket the eighth ball into the pocket they have the choice. But most of the time they play over some games, for example, the in a nine frame game, the very first player who reach the five frames is the winner.

Winning the Game

To win an eight-ball pool, one of the following needs to occur,

A player pockets all the allocated balls, and pocket the eighth ball into to the select pocket.

  • The opponent player illegally pockets the eighth ball pocketing the remaining set of the balls
  • If the eighth ball is knocked off the table by the opponent player.

Rules of Pool

The rules of pool game are most of the time similar to slight differences when played in different countries. Anyhow the World Pool-Billiard Association has set few standard rules and regulations for both new players as well as professional players

  • The object balls need to place in a triangular rack at the end of the table, and the apex ball needs to be on the foot spot before the game starts. The balls need to be in a random order other than the black ball, which needs to be in the middle of the third line. However, the white ball needs to be behind the service line of the table.
  • A coin toss is necessary if it is the first game, to decide who gets the opportunity to break.
  • To make a legal break in the pool, a player needs to strike the balls and make sure that four balls hit the cushion and the cue ball did not go into a pocket. In case if the eighth ball is pocket in the break, the can ask for re-rack.
  • The first player who pots the object ball has to continue pocketing the balls from that same group. And the opponent player from the other category.
  • The player will continue to play till they fail to pocket the ball or make a foul. Then the opposite player gets the turn to play. The game continues in this manner till the end.
  • In case if a player makes a foul, the opposing player can place the cue ball at any place on the pool table. Few of the common fouls are,

Fail to strike the own object balls

Strike the cue ball off the table

Pocket opponent player’s object balls

Striking the cue ball twice

Pushing the cue ball, not hitting it

Goes for a shot when it is not your turn

  • When all the players have pot the balls, they need to sink the eighth ball. First, they need to choose a pocket which they are planning to pot the eighth ball and do as they mention. In case if they fail, the opponent player gets the chance to return to the table. If the player pots the ball into another pocket other than the chosen one, they lose the game.

These are few basic rules of pool game which help any player who wants to play like a professional. Hope you found this article meaningful to you.