Few games to play on a pool table

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Kelly pool

The game uses sixteen balls, fifteen colored balls, and one cue ball. The balls come from number one to fifteen. The table marker gives an alley to any player who is willing to play, and they have to stay till their turn comes. The marker keeps the alleys according to the order a player has to play. It goes like the first player has to stay at the number one spot, the second player has to stay at the number two spot, etc. the first player begins the game by breaking the balls. Cueball needs to hit one cushion before it touches the pool balls. The very first player who pots the ball with the number which matches with his alley will win the game. A player can pot any ball on the table except the cue ball, and he can continue till he misses a pocketing a ball or makes a foul. Any ball pot in the pocket as a foul is kept back on the table at the pink spot or near it. Soon after a foul shot, the next player starts the play.

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Some of the foul shots in Kelly pool are, if the cue ball does not hit a ball with a number, then it needs to be played again, but it does not count, the next player begins the game. If the player pot the cue ball, the player needs to stop and the next player starts and can play any ball available on the table.

Golf Billiards

Most of the time new players play golf pool. It has particular concepts of golf. It needs more than two players to complete the game. Golf billiards needs a cue stick, fifteen object balls, and a cue ball. Most of the players tend to play golf billiard on an American billiard table or snooker table.

Assigns a number to all the pockets on the table, and they are from one to six digits. The first player who pots the ball in all the six pockets win the game, and the shooters need to pot the balls in ascending order. Each player selects one out of the numbered balls as their shooting ball throughout the game. In case if the player makes a foul, the next player gets the opportunity to shoot any ball that blocks his object ball. After making the shot, the blocking ball is kept on the table once again. In fact, if a player pots the object ball in the sixth hole, the player wins the game.

Some of the fouls of golf pool are, a ball pocket in the wrong numbered pocket. In case if you knock balls off the table it is also a foul. If you were unable to strike the object ball first while shooting it is also a foul. And if you did not touch a rail cushion with a cue ball soon after it hits the object ball or else if you were not able to pot the object ball it also counted as a foul in golf billiards.