Eightball pool breaking rules

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There are various rules for the eight ball pool, and we are discussing the WPA Blackball rules in this article. It is the most common rule set in many countries, out of the various eight ball pool breaking rules.

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WPA eight ball pool breaking rules:

  1. Setting balls and breaking

Rack the balls and place the black ball at the joint of the joint of two imaginary sloping lines on the table. The person who breaks decides by the lag winner. The opponent players’ break in succeeding frames and the cue is in any place within the baulk.

  1. Legal breaks

To gain the legal break minimum two of red, black or yellow object balls needs to cross the imaginary line that is connecting the middle pockets. Minimum one ball needs to be pot. In case if no ball is pot and the object balls did not cross the imaginary line then at that moment the approaching play gets a free shot and a visit.

The cue ball is played from the baulk or from the place where it remains. It considers as a foul when the cue ball is pot during the break. The approaching player might request for a re-rack. The saved white needs to play from the baulk. In case if the black ball is pocket, the table is set once again the breaks by the previous player.

  1. Open tables and responsible groups

In an open table the accountable group, whether they continue to play with red balls or yellow balls is not determined in situations like

When making a foul

After playing a foul, going for a free shot

On breaking shot

When playing a combination shot, where both the groups pocket the balls.

Except the above situations, in case if the player pocket a ball or several balls from a particular group the player is in that group for the period of the frame.

  1. Legal Shot

To go for a legal shot the player needs to cause the cue ball first contact with an ‘on’ ball and then pocket any on balls. After that, make the cue ball or other balls to contact the cushion.

On ball may consist of balls from the group or the black if the player has a free shot. In that case, if the red ball falls off the pocket and no ball hits the cushion soon after the cue ball strikes the red ball, calls that moment as a foul.

  1. Snooker defined

A player is ‘snookered’ when it believes that it is impossible to hit an area of the ‘on’ ball by a straight line shot. The players need to confirm that it is full snooker from an opponent player, an official or a referee before going to play out of a snooker

  1. Balls leaving the table

Balls which move the table at any stage of the game is returning to the surface. In case if it is the cue ball, play it from the baulk. The balls are once again spot on to the black spot in a straight line between the spot and the cushion which is near to the spot.