Different Types of Cue Ball Shots in Billiards

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In billiards or pool, the cue ball is moved only by hitting it with the pool stick. So you need to identify that by striking various spots on the cue ball will make you find different types of cue ball shots in billiards. Let’s learn more about them

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Different types of cue ball shots in billiards which helps to play like a professional

Stop Shot

Stop shot is a method of slide shot which is known to the motion of the cue ball without draw spin or follow. Naturally, it means that the cue ball does not spin while moving, the ball is expected to move frontward by the force of the cue and foot of the ball is slide over the pool table. It is done by striking the cue ball at the centre. This shot refers merely to hit the middle of the ball so that both cue ball and the object ball would meet and this causes the cue ball to stay due to the force influenced to the object ball.

Stun Shot

Stun shot is a shot that is just like the stop shot; it is also a method of the slide shot. If the object ball and cue ball do not contact precisely on centre, it results in the stun shot. Here the cue ball travels for a shorter distance through the path it is shoot.

Top Spin

You can achieve the topspin by striking the head of a cue ball, and this causes the cue ball to move after hitting the object ball when compared with the other shots. Topspin will make the cue ball to keep on following the path of the object ball it strikes rather than stopping like the other shots. In case if the billiard player hits the ball at the right or left of the head, it results as a side spin or a topspin, this means that the ball travels in a high speed and distance as expected in a side spin.

Back Spin

It is also known as the bottom of draw spin; this is done by striking below the centre of the cue ball. Usually, this will result in the cue ball travelling to the other direction of the object ball that it hits, making the cue ball drawing to the back. Backspin causes to slow down the speed of the cue ball.

Side Spin

Side spin occurs when the cue ball is stricken at the right or left in the middle. It is also known as ‘english’, it may look easy, but it is one of the fierce shot out of the different types of cue ball shots in billiards to master. It is used to change the path of the cue ball, and it might be confusing when the cue ball moves in the opposite direction. In case, if the player hits the right centre of the ball, it moves towards the left.

These are few of the different types of cue ball shots in billiards. To play like a professional, you need to practice these shots several times. Always scrutinise the table before you go for a chance. Always you the right shot at the right time.