Best Pool Cues Tips and Guide for Beginning, Intermediate, Expert Players

Billiards Lessons for Beginners

Best Tips How To Choose The Right Pool Cues Every one love pool, even if this is the first time you are going to play pool, you will find these tips helpful to you. Let’s go through some of the typical shots of the game which would take you to the next step

Tips to Play Billiard-like a Professional

Tips to Play Billiard-like a Professional The pool is a game where there is always more to learn. You might know to stroke the cue ball and pot the balls by following and drawing the ball. But still, there is a chance of your game going wrong if you do not be careful.

Five Different Kinds of Billiard Games

Five Different Kinds of Billiard Games You might be familiar with the standard eight ball game, but chances are you have not much familiar with how to play in other varieties. If so, go through the following five different kinds of billiard games and gain some new knowledge about billiard games. You can

How to Play Pool for Beginners

How to Play Pool for Beginners Chalk your cue How to Play Pool for Beginners -Always remember to chalk your pool cue before going for a shot. It helps you with your chance. By rubbing the right amount of chalk at the tip of the cue, you will be able to go for

Rules of Pool Game

Rules of Pool Game The pool is famous around the world, and millions of people tend to enjoy playing it. There are many varieties of pool game which comes with different rules and regulations. So far, eight balls and nine-ball pool are more popular among people than the rest. Both of these games

Few Games to Play on a Pool Table

Few games to play on a pool table Kelly pool The game uses sixteen balls, fifteen colored balls, and one cue ball. The balls come from number one to fifteen. The table marker gives an alley to any player who is willing to play, and they have to stay till their turn comes.

Eightball pool breaking rules

Eightball pool breaking rules There are various rules for the eight ball pool, and we are discussing the WPA Blackball rules in this article. It is the most common rule set in many countries, out of the various eight ball pool breaking rules. You can read here the best pool cues review article

How to Be a Better Pool Player

How to Be a Better Pool Player Every one of us wants to play pool just like a professional, and it takes more time and energy to practice and it is so dull to practice for long hours. It takes more focused and intelligence to play like a professional, But by following the

Few Types of Commonly Played Billiard Games

Few Types of Commonly Played Billiard Games Billiard players take part in few kinds of widely played billiard games which we will discuss deeply throughout this article. All these games are played on a large table which has pockets and colored billiard balls that are numbered from one to fifteen and a cue

How to Practice Pool Like a Pro

How to Be a Better Pool Player   Pool game is played on a table designed with six pockets. It includes fifteen balls and a cue ball that comes with two different sets of seven colored balls. These balls are called as object balls. The Pool Cue Pick your pool cue with care,